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  • ANALYSIS - Site visits to determine our customer requirements.
  • RESEARCH - Problem solving to determine the best solution for our customer's needs.
  • PROPOSAL - Providing clear and detailed competitive pricing.
  • DESIGN - Integrating all parts of the project for a total solution for the customer.
  • FABRICATION - Providing custom products, as required, to complete the project.
  • INSTALLATION - Highly qualified personnel who take pride in performing clean, safe, and on-time installations.

We have extensive experience designing, installing, and integrating a broad range of quality and cost effective Material Handling and Storage solutions. We can provide new and used equipment from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. We also provide custom fabrication to design, build, and test specific machinery and Material Handling components.

At Mid-South Handling, we pride ourselves on complete turn-key handling of your business material needs. From the first visit to your site to determine what products would best suit your needs, we take care of all the details so you don't have to. We independently do any research needed to find the absolute best solution for business and budget. We then take the research results and provide them to you in a clear, concise proposal detailing the best deal we could find for you.

Once we have reviewed the research findings, we set out a clear plan for integrating each part of your project, no matter how complex. If needed, we will arrange for fabrication of your highly customized equipment and prepare your design plan to incorporate it. Finally, a team of qualified personnel will bring the research and planning to life on your site in a clean, safe, and on-time installation of all planned parts.

When your business is running smoothly and efficiently with your new equipment or installation, you'll be glad you called Mid-South Handling!


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